Dica do dia: Dvd AC/DC – Family Jewels


DVD 1 – AC/DC: Family Jewels

01.Baby, Please Don´t Go [3:59]
02.Show Business [4:34]
03.High Voltage [4:10]
04.It´s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ´n´ Roll) [5:18]
05.T.N.T. [3:31]
06.Jailbreak [4:15]
07.Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap [4:06]
08.Dog Eat Dog [3:22]
09.Let There be Rock [6:10]
10.Rock ´n´ Roll Damnation [3:07]
11.Sin City [4:54]
12.Riff Raff [5:29]
13.Fling Thing/Rocker [7:06]
14.Whole Lotta Rosie [5:25]
15.Shot Down in Flames [3:30]
16.Walk all Over You [5:15]
17.Touch Too Much [4:31]
18.If You Want Blood (You´ve got It) [4:33]
19.Girls got Rhythm [3:26]
20.Highway to Hell [3:40]

DVD 2 – AC/DC: Family Jewels

01.Hells Bells [5:19]
02.Back in Black [4:20]
03.What do You do for Money Honey [3:42]
04.Rock and Roll Ain´t Noise Pollution [4:19]
05.Let´s Get It Up [3:58]
06.For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) [6:24]
07.Flick of the Switch [3:19]
08.Nervous Shakedown [4:34]
09.Fly on the Wall [6:35]
10.Danger [4:39]
11.Sink the Pink [4:24]
12.Stand Up [4:21]
13.Shake Your Foundations [4:13]
14.Who Made Who [3:33]
15.You Shook Me all Night Long [3:37]
16.Heatseeker [3:52]
17.That´s the Way I Wanna Rock ´n´ Roll [3:49]
18.Thunderstruck [4:58]
19.Moneytalks [3:53]
20.Are You Ready [4:26]


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